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If you are female and do business in the Information Technology industry in Australia, then you are probably wondering how can you attain a position of power and influence if you just can't join the "boys' club". Well maybe our networking group may interest you.


Women are I.T. is an organisation providing a framework upon which women in Information Technology can extend their network and expand their knowledge in an environment that encourages open conversation and debate. We want to encourage women to choose I.T. as a career and raise the status of women in Australian business, in the I.T. industry in particular. Our mission statement outlines our aims, meetings, organisers and future plans.


WIT events are regularly held in Melbourne. Watch this space for details on upcoming networking events.

Developing and connecting female leaders in IT…


One of the greatest issues facing the IT industry today is the declining numbers of women entering and remaining in the industry.  The development and retention of our high performance female leaders is critical to the longer term diversity of the IT industry.


WIT Connections is a unique and exciting IT leadership coaching program for female managers in the IT industry that teaches and delivers measurable leadership skills.  It targets the issues in IT, it encourages and guides participants to achieve their full potential and provides critical learnings that can be realised immediately. 


There is no coaching program in existence today that is effective in realising the potential of women moving into leadership roles for the first time within the IT industry.  WIT Connections responds to this need. It will deliver great benefit to participants, to your business and to the IT industry.


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