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One of the greatest issues facing the IT industry today is the declining numbers of women entering and remaining in the industry.  The development and retention of our high performance female leaders is critical to the longer term diversity of the IT industry.  

WIT Connections is a unique and exciting IT leadership coaching program for female managers in the IT industry that teaches and delivers measurable leadership skills.  It targets the issues in IT, it encourages and guides participants to achieve their full potential and provides critical learnings that can be realised immediately.   

There is no coaching program in existence today that is effective in realising the potential of women moving into leadership roles for the first time within the IT industry.  WIT Connections responds to this need. It will deliver great benefit to participants, to your business and to the IT industry.

The Program …

 Who is it for?

  • Female managers identified as future leaders currently in an IT based management role, ie, currently in an IT role or supporting IT in an organisation
  • Typical current responsibilities of participants would include: Managing people, budgets, workforce planning, resource management, local strategy, performance, remuneration and career management responsibilities 

 Pre-Program preparation and analysis

Before the commencement of the Program, both participants and their Managers will be invited to provide their feedback on their desired outcomes of the Program. This will provide the basis for tailored courseware to address the specific needs of both the group and individuals.

  • Participants will be asked to fill out a Myer Briggs profile, their signature strenghts assessment, 360 profile (as required) and provide input as to the outcomes that they personally would like to acheive from the Program.
  • Managers of Participants will be invited to provide input as to their specific objectives and desired outcomes of participation, ie key learnings, skills transferral and/or behavioural needs 

All information gathered will be treated with the utmost confidentiality

 Four x full one-day group coaching sessions on a monthly basis

  • Small, intimate group coaching sessions of eight female managers identified as future leaders
  • These sessions will be facilitated by a professional coach and facilitator plus others, leveraging the experience of senior female IT managers  
  • Topics covered will be tailored to needs of the group (eg, Understanding Your Style, Presence-why and how it affects your career, Career and Leadership, Being an Effective Leader, Success and Future Opportunities)

Four x one hour individual coaching sessions

  • Participants also receive four individual 1-hour one-on-one coaching sessions to support learnings from group sessions and/or to take up specific needs of the individual.


$2750 plus GST per attendee for the Pilot Program to be conducted from April to August 2009This represents a 50% discount of the ongoing Program cost. Includes pre-program analysis, tailored program and courseware based on manager input, participant survey, profiling and feedback from both participants and managers regarding desired outcomes.

developed by women in IT …

for women in IT…

delivered by expert coaches and women in IT

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If you are interested in participating in the WIT Connections program, please complete this form   Alternatively you can fax your response to 03 9821 5222, or contact us on 03 9821 5606.  We look forward to your participation.  Thank you

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I would like a manager(s) from my organisaion to participate in the Pilot Program (at half price of the ongoing program)

I would like to participate in the Pilot Program (at half price of the ongoing program)

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The “WIT Connections” project has been funded by the Australian Government, through the Women’s Leadership and Development Program