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2002 Events

Shifting CIO landscapes – Paradoxes for 2003

Gartner CIOs are doing it tough. Business expectations and demands are as high as ever, but resources are more constrained than they have been for years. Budgets are stalled, investment dollars are scarce, and business cases are challenged – and challenging. As information technology becomes more pervasive and critical to enterprise success, IT-related decision making becomes more complex. There are more stakeholders – and stakeholder expectations – to deal with. There is greater business engagement with IT, but reduced degrees of freedom for the IT leadership team. At the same time, more CIOs are part of the executive suite, but high profile and visibility brings high vulnerability. Meanwhile the IT industry is consolidating, leaving enterprises with fewer options.

Guest Presenter

Marianne Broadbent – Group Vice President and Head of EXP Research Worldwide – Gartner

Dr Marianne Broadbent leads the global research and knowledge assets group for Gartner's Executive Programs, which has a membership base of over 1,600 Chief Information Officers worldwide. Previously, Marianne was Program Head for Gartner's Executive Programs for Asia Pacific. Gartner, a US$950m business is the world's largest advisor on the business uses of information technology, providing thought leadership, advisory and consulting services for more than 11,000 organisations globally.

Dr Broadbent works extensively as an advisor and advice broker with business and IT executive teams worldwide. Her particular areas of interest and expertise are the fusion of business and technology strategies and investments, the governance and management of business-driven IT, particularly in international environments, and the dynamics of IT's business value of IT.

Marianne was previously a professor in the management of information systems at the Melbourne Business School, University of Melbourne, Visiting Researcher at Boston University, and Head of the Department of Information Services at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology. She is co-author of the book Leveraging the New Infrastructure: How Market Leaders Capitalize on Information Technology published by Harvard Business School Press in 1998 and has won two international Best Paper awards. Dr Broadbent has a doctorate from the Melbourne Business School, University of Melbourne, and is a Fellow of the Australian Institute of Company Directors.

Go-Girl post event

An event to celebrate the fantastic effort demonstrated by everyone involved in the organisation of the GO GIRL GO FOR IT Career Showcase. Attended by the WA Premier, Dr Geoff Gallop, as patron of the GO GIRL event, along with the speakers, the volunteers and the Go Girl sponsors.

Go Girl go for IT is an initiative of Women are IT, sponsored by WA Premier, Dr Geoff Gallop and designed to give a clear overview of career potential in the IT industries for young women for an expected audience of over 1500 girls from Years 8 to 11. It is running on 22 October 2002 in Bunbury and on 11 and 12 November 2002 at ECU Churchland Campus, Perth.

The changing face of telecommunications in the bush

Outback Australia has always suffered from the tyranny of distance but this is finally being broken down, driven by both political forces and huge leaps in technology. A little bit of history will lead into some of the exciting new advances in satellite and wireless technology that make modern high-speed services available in remote areas; but will everyone need a satellite earth station on their roof? And, as always, who is going to pay for it? Should city slickers subsidise non-cost-effective services in the country, and who would dare ask how it could work if Telstra was sold?

Guest Presenter

Claire Baker – General Manager – Apertura

Claire Baker is currently the General Manager of Apertura, a small telecommunications company that delivers high-speed two-way data and Internet access by satellite and wireless. This is new technology in Australia and is unique to Apertura.

Apertura have nine full-time staff and deliver services across Australia and New Zealand from their head office on The Parade at Norwood.

Claire's background as a National Manager of Communications Consultants for Telstra and Telstra's Project Director and Manager of Telecommunications for the Sydney Media Centre for the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games gives her a powerful technical background for this role.

Making IT happen

Guest Presenter

Louise Pratt MLC – Member for East Metropolitan Region, Western Australia – Legislative Council

Louise is a Member of the State Parliament's Legislative Council, representing the East Metropolitan Region. Louise's interest in information technology has grown through its use in advancing environmental, community, and political issues and campaigns. She played a key role in the web-based election strategy for the Labor Party during the State Election in 2001 and has strong links with a wide range on environment, human rights, and community groups who all use the internet and email to advance social and environmental causes.

Currently 30 years of age, Louise is the youngest woman ever elected to the Legislative Council, before entering Parliament she worked as an Electorate Officer for a Federal Member of Parliament and has played a key role in election campaigns. She is also the Secretary to the State Parliamentary Labor Party and a Member of the Legislative Council's Environment and Public Affairs Committee.

Paperless business – Journey from fiction to fact

IT has been promising a paper-free world for business since the dawn of the computer era, and Australia Post might be the last organisation you would imagine to be progressing the technology, but that is precisely what Post is doing. Like many other organisations, Post realised that electronic commerce was just another way to do business and have combined information technology with business capability to provide a paperless supply chain service for its customers.

Guest Presenter

Michelle Beveridge – Project Director – Australia Post

Michelle Beveridge, as Project Director, implemented project FELIX which combines Australia Post's fulfilment, eCommerce, logistics, and information technology with the "X-factor" of individual customer requirements. The system provides end-to-end supply chain capability, from receipt of internet order to electronic payment for the goods. Michelle will provide insight on how customers have reacted to this no-paper-required service and share her experiences in bundling together the various business products and systems into an eCommerce solution.

From Morse to multimedia messaging

An interesting and humerous look at the telecommunications industry over the past 30 years.

Guest Presenter

Kim Allen – CEO iTouch Interactive (formerly Telequity)

Kim’s career in telecommunications and information technology goes back over 30 years giving him the dubious ability to claim veteran status in the Telco business. Kim started his career as a trainee engineer with the Post Telephones in 1970. He spent 19 years with British Telecom working his way up through the ranks until he and his family relocated to Perth to start a new life.

On arrival in Perth, Kim started work for AAP Reuters (now AAPT) as their State Sales Manager. He then started TFM international a telecoms software company that developed PABX managment systems and sold them through Telstra. After selling TFM International to Westel a publicly listed company, Kim assumed the role of Engineering Manager, working on cellular yystems development.

In 1997, whilst at Westel Kim started Telequity, a joint venture with Australian Capital Equity, Kerry Stoke's private investment company. Following the succesful expansion of Telequity Kim left Westel and assumed the role of CEO at Telequity.

If you can't measure it, you can't manage it

Information systems mamagement at AXA has undergone a fundamental change and significant improvement over the past three years. With four key objectives in mind, focused on reducing costs, increasing transparency, improving project delivery, and improving capability they came to the view that if you can't measure it, you can't manage it. This has been central to everything done. Learn about AXA's approach to capturing and using sensible metrics as well as the benefits AXA has derived from this approach.

Guest Presenter

Wendy Thorpe – Application Development Manager – AXA

Wendy Thorpe leads the application development group for AXA in Australia, and has responsibility for the delivery of the IS component of all business projects. Other recent senior IS roles that Wendy has held at AXA include setting up and leading the production support group, and architecting and implementing the information systems division which brought all IS functions together across the group.

The fun factor – Finding the fun in your daily grind

Yes, we know, we've heard the spiel too, something along the lines of "the IT industry is the most exciting place to be in this day and age!" But how many of us find it less than exciting at times, find that you can think of a number of things you would rather be doing than being at work! In our darkest moments, even house work seems like a better option. Deb is going to help us put the fun back into what may have become our daily grind.

Guest Presenter

Deborah Hann – Life Coach

Deborah Hann has been described as the human version of a self-help guide. She is a life coach who sees her role as keeping people motivated and on track to achieve their goals.

After juggling the role of wife, mother, and career woman for ten years, Deb decided that the "Supermum" was a deluded fantasy. She stepped out of full-time work and established her own practise offering professional life and business coaching services to empower people from all walks of life to enjoy and live their lives passionately.

Emerging trends in the IT marketplace

Join us as we examine where the business community is heading and what new opportunities are there to be exploited from disaster recovery planning in the wake of 9/11 to new trends in application development.

Guest Presenter

Ian Olson – Partner, Corporate Services & Business Consulting – PKF

Ian holds a Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting and Finance) from the University of Western Australia and is an associate with the Institute of Chartered Accountants in Australia. He is a member of the Institute of Company Directors, Australian Institute of Management, as well as the information technology chapter of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in Australia.

Taking control – How to make an impact and manage difficult situations, influence outcomes, and be recognised as a leader

Join us as we examine where the business community is heading and what new opportunities are there to be exploited from disaster recovery planning in the wake of 9/11 to new trends in application development.

Guest Presenter

Mary Gray – Advisor – Barton Institute of Tafe

Mary Gray is a specialist in leadership development, strategic planning, management development, team development and change management. She conducts sessions such as using voice and presence to make an impact and to manage situations, how to contribute effectively at meetings and how to develop influencing skills.

Mary has a wealth of experience as a senior executive in large corporations and was the Vice Chair of the Leadership Consortium, a group of blue chip companies joined together to develop leadership capability within their high potential managers. She is also an Advisor to the Barton Institute of Tafe on management development. Her experience has been across public and private sectors and has included positions as internal consultant as well as manager of large teams in the water, tourism, roads, and local government industries. Mary has successfully led two organisation development teams in quality accreditation, implemented change programs which included mergers, amalgamations, performance management programs, and negotiated enterprise agreements.

Mary's clients include:
  • Australian Red Cross, Exec. Development & Strategic Planning.
  • Australian Broadcasting Corporation, Leadership Devt. & Strategic Planning.
  • AXA, Customer Service Improvement Program.
  • ANZ Bank, NAB, Leadership Development and Team Development (Ecommerce).
  • IBA, Strategic Development, Business Restructuring.
  • Vic Roads, Executive Development Program, SafeRoads Program.
  • Manningham, City of Greater Dandenong and Maroochy Councils, Strategic & Business Planning and Management & Team Development.
  • NARHERO, Rural Health Network Conference Facilitation and Negotiation on Nurse Practitioner Issue.
  • Medibank Private, Executive Leadership Development.
  • Hospet Group, Strategic and Quality Planning.
  • Western Water, Executive Coaching and Career Development Program.
  • City of Yarra, Executive Coaching.
  • City of Dandenong, Strategy and Leadership Development, Teambuilding.
  • Coca Cola, Leadership Development, Asia Pacific.

Information warfare – from CEO to cyber-terrorist

In this seminar, we will examine the concept of information superiority, and challenge the audience on whether any of us are truly information managers as opposed to data managers. The change in perspective needed to accommodate information superiority in this networked world will be covered. We will discuss some of the threats and opportunities for using information as a weapon and also realising it as a target.

Guest Presenter

Bill Hutchinson – Associate Professor – Edith Cowan University

Bill Hutchinson is Associate Professor of Computer and Information Security in the School of Computer and Information Science at Edith Cowan University, Perth, Western Australia. He has 20 years' experience in information systems, government, energy, and finance industries, as well as academia in Australia and the United Kingdom. He is a member of the Australian Computer Society and the Australian Institute for Professional Intelligence Officers, and specialises in information warfare.

Bill is joint author of the book Information Warfare: Corporate Attack and Defence in a Digital World, published by Butterworth-Heineman and Co-Founder and Chief Editor of the Journal of Information Warfare. He has published widely in the area of information warfare.

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