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1998 Events


Electronic commerce is seen as the new buzzword and many companies in an effort to keep up with technology have invested large sums in internet technology with no real results. Ecommerce is not an IT decision; it should be a business decision. The big question is what is ecommerce really good for? Will it improve your distribution process, your accounting functions, your sales, etc.? Are your staff, supply lines, production capabilities and customers ready for it? There must be a real benefit achieved from moving to ecommerce before it can be considered successful.

And if you do all the right preparation – you invest in ecommerce and it works as it should and results in better efficiencies –  is the company ready for this change. Change in how it operates, the processes, large reductions in staff, and a total change of the company culture.

Get ready to learn about the pros, the cons, as we prove and disprove many of the perceptions we hold about how successful ecommerce really is.

Guest Presenter

Egidio (Edge) Zarrella – Partner in Charge – Enabling Technologies Group, KPMG

Edge Zarrella is the Partner in Charge of the Enabling Technologies group with KPMG in the Adelaide practice. He has worked in information systems in Adelaide, Sydney, and Toronto, Canada. In this role, Edge provides IS consulting services for a variety of clients in the financial, manufacturing, local government, insurance, and legal sectors. This includes strategic information systems planning, security reviews, business resumption planning, and IT efficiency reviews of management information centres.

Edge has also conducted numerous management workshops to facilitate business and IS strategy, business risk, disaster, and fraud risk strategies. As well as the above areas, Edge has also been heavily involved in electronic commerce.

Explaining the impossible to the unwilling: Managing business expectations for IT

Guest Presenter

Marianne Broadbent – Director, IT Executive Program – GartnerGroup Pacific

Dr Marianne Broadbent is Director of GartnerGroup’s IT Executive Program in Australia and New Zealand where she works with CIOs and business and IT management teams. She was previously a Professor in the Management of Information Systems at the Melbourne Business School, University of Melbourne, Visiting Researcher at Boston University, and Head of the Department of Information Services at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology.

Her industry research, consulting and advising activities have involved over 80 businesses in nine countries and has managed her own successful consulting and advisory services firm. She and her colleague Peter Weill are authors of the book Leveraging the New Infrastructure: How Market Leaders Capitalize on Information Technology published by Harvard Business School Press in June 1998.

Marianne has a bachelor’s and master’s degrees from Sydney and Macquarie Universities respectively, and a doctorate from the University of Melbourne.

Leveraging your business by personal entrepreneurial skills

Guest Presenter

Yvonne Adele – Ms Megabyte

Dynamic, inspirational do not begin to describe Ms Megabyte. Her flaming ‘cherry-bomb’ hair is only a minute indication of the determination oozing from her every pore.

Ms Megabyte is conquering the likes of Women’s Weekly and The Midday Show. The next quest for her is to produce her own TV show.

She is a very entertaining presenter who is living the dream – if you have the talent, drive, and determination, anything is possible.

Y2K – Responsibilities, exposures, insurance and how to guard against litigation

What are the legal ramifications in neglecting to ensure year-2000 compliance? What documentation is critical and what may not be adequate if litigation ensues? Who will be protected by their insurance policies if they fail with their compliance?

Guest Presenter

Emilios Kyrou – Partner, Dispute Resolution Group – Mallesons Stephen Jaques Solicitors

Emilios Kyrou is a Partner with Mallesons Stephen Jaques Solicitors. One key area in which he specialises in is year-2000 legal issues. His approach is to treat year-2000 as a risk management exercise focusing on business risk, systems risk, protection of directors, and other key areas. He is currently addressing these risks with leading corporations and advising them on litigation strategies, document management strategies, insurance, directors' duties, and compulsory disclosure of year-2000 compliance status.

Emilios is an internationally recognised expert in Y2K issues. He is scheduled to present in Rome at the Year 2000 and Euro Summit in October.

Everything you want to know about e-business but ...

What are the current issues surrounding e-business? How do ensure the build is cost-effective, time effective, and most importantly, secure? There are applications tailored specially for any business – small, medium, and large – that also allows non-technical staff to be able to easily update and publish new site content.

Guest Presenter

Melanie Conomikes – Founding Director – Eye Media

Melanie Conomikes is one of the founders of Eye Media. Eye Media provide online business solutions to their clients through intranets, extranets and e-business websites. They are focused on the use of the web as a business tool for their clients. They have frequently been told, "You are the only web solutions company that has talked business to me."

Melanie recently presented the 'Eye Media e-Business Command Centre' solution at the IBM/Lotus e-business event in Sydney and Melbourne.

Leadership qualities needed to create and build successful IT companies

"I have to follow them, I'm their leader." – Napoleon

Leadership doesn’t mean that the leader had to solve the problem and then tell his team what to do. Understand the benefit of sharing challenges with talented colleagues. Also understand that although technical capability is great in an employee, it is enthusiasm that is the most important characteristic a prospective employee can have.

Guest Presenter

Adrian Brooks – Director – Asecs

Adrian Brooks would have been a pilot but the Air Force decided he was not a leader. Instead he went on to lead two software companies into million dollar export markets for Australia!

He has over 30 years' experience in the IT industry and credits his success to always having a good business partner. Brooks has partnered with wealthy multinationals such as Inscom which sold out to New Zealand Insurance when its first customer, a large insurance company called Palmdale, became insolvent, and Creative Software and Swiss Re which took a shareholding initially. Both times the companies flourished, selling product round the world with the financial assistance of their corporate partners.

Now Brooks, in partnership with his son Richard, bought Asecs Pty Ltd a Notes developer which is also aimed at the insurance industry.

Year 2000 issues facing IT management

Until the CEO and the management teams are convinced that this is a business issue, Y2K projects will not be effective. By including staff at all levels throughout the company, you can effectively address this issue from all angles.

Guest Presenter

Teri Whiting – Vice President of Information Services – FH Faulding & Co Limited

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